Now that you’ve learned how to network like a pro, it’s time to learn how to dress your way to success at networking events. But first, you should understand the difference between various dress codes. Do you know the difference between business formal and business casual? Most events do specify the dress code for their event, but in case they haven’t mentioned it, it’s always better to overdress than underdress in that situation.


Most networking events are usually business casual. For men, that may simply mean wearing dress pants with a dress shirt along with your own choice of add-ons. You could even wear khakis with a dress shirt, and if you’re looking to step it up a notch, throw on a sweater or blazer to sharpen your overall look.

For more formal networking events at places like hotel conferences, you should be dressing in business formal. These are the events where you will want to wear a full suit with a tie. Also ensure that you have your best dress shoes on with high formal socks. It is NEVER ok to wear ankle socks with your dress shoes. Always dress to impress at these events.


For women, the most challenging activity is finding proper office attire to wear on a daily basis. In women’s fashion, there is a blurred line between business casual and formal. With a number of fashion trends these days, you would never quite know what to wear. Consider these following tips to spice up your business dress.

Business casual: You can dress up your plain shirt by wearing a simple cardigan and matching jewellery. It is important that you repeat colours at least twice in your look to demonstrate your classy style. In addition, pants and a simple shirt dressed with small heels can capture the perfect elegant office attire. Long rompers or jumpsuits can both provide a comfy but creative look for regular office wear.

Business formal: Go for knee-length skirts and if they are shorter, wear plain black or nude pantyhose.  If regular heels cause your feet too much pain, wear block heels – they’re fashionable and comfortable. A rainy day with transit to work may merit wearing ankle boots that have a short heel. Furthermore, consider wearing a blazer. For a more feminine look, you could try leaving your hair down or pair the blazer with a knee-length skirt. Pairing the blazer with light jewellery or a scarf can also add to your overall look.

Now that you know the difference between business casual and business formal, it’s time to put your knowledge to use. Put on your best business casual look for the 10th Annual PICS Mega Job Fair and Business Expo being held at North Surrey Recreational Centre on August 3rd and dress to impress!


Written by Harchet Kalra