frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the Vancouver Mega Job Fair . If you cannot find the answers to your questions here, feel free to inquire at lily.dhadral@pics.bc.ca or at 604-596-7722 ext. 154.


Is this a free event?

Yes, this is a free event to the general public.

Do I need to register to attend the event?

The Mega Job Fair does have an online registration option. By registering online, visitors will we able to get into the job fair quicker through an express line. Online registration is not mandatory and tickets are available at the door. However, it is recommended that you do so and can through the following link:

Register Now

How do I get to the event?

The event is located at the Croatian Cultural Centre. The address is:  3250 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC V5N 4E4

What are my transportation/ parking options available for getting to and from the event?

The Croatian Cultural Centre is conveniently located near the Commercial SkyTrain Station and there is plenty of free parking  on site.   

What is the dress code for the event?

While there is no specific dress code required, we suggest that you would dress as you would for a formal interview.

What kinds of businesses would I expect to see?

Job seekers will get an opportunity to explore industries such as banking, healthcare, credit unions, insurance, government organizations and branches, career placement agencies, restaurants, retailers,  security groups and more.

For the full list of currently registered exhibitors, please visit: https://megajobfair.pics.bc.ca/exhibitors/.

What kinds of positions will organizations be hiring?

The list of available job positions will be posted on the organization’s individual feature page. Please visit https://megajobfair.pics.bc.ca/exhibitors/ and click on the organization name/logo to find more information.

What do I need to bring to the event?

If you are seeking employment, make sure to bring your resume. Since there are many organizations hiring, it would give you a competitive advantage to tailor your resume to specific jobs and organizations attending the fair. It is always a good idea to take notes, so bringing stationary such as pens and paper is advised. You will also have plenty of opportunities to network with exhibitors, so bring your business cards if you have them.

How should I prepare for the event?

If you are seeking a job, we highly recommend preparing ahead of time by researching the organizations that are hiring. Doing so will enable you to tailor your resumes to the jobs offered by the organizations. Also, be ready to be interviewed on the spot. Know about the organization, what they represent, and how you can individually benefit them.

Will Wi-Fi be provided at the event?

Yes, free Wi-Fi will be available at the event

What kinds of food and beverages can we expect to see?

Unfortunately, there will be no food and beverages served or sold at the event for visitors. There is however a vast amount of fast food options in the area of the event and you may also bring your own snacks to enjoy.


We receive many questions regarding the Mega Job Fair, therefore we have listed the most frequently asked questions below. If you cannot find the answers to your questions here, feel free to inquire at sunil.rawat@pics.bc.ca or at 604-596-7722 ext. 126.


What are the benefits of exhibiting?

  • Over 3000 attendees and 100+ different exhibitors are expected to attend
  • A great networking opportunity to meet new people and businesses
  • A massive pool of prospective employees to screen from
  • The ability to conduct on-the-spot interviews
  • Save time and cost of the recruitment process by eliminating the need to market and advertise
  • Opportunity to showcase your business and services
  • Exposure gained through the marketing campaign of the event, which includes: radio ads, highway and street banners, billboards, SkyTrain posters, TransLink bus ads, and more

How much do tables cost?

The table price varies depending on the location of the table, the nature of the business (we offer discounts to certain organizations, such as non-profits), and the date of registration.

What comes with the table? 

Each booth comes with a standard 2.5 feet x 6 feet table, 2 chairs and a table cloth. Banner space is restricted to six feet behind the table.

Will we have access to power outlets?

Each exhibitor will have access to a power outlet. If you require additional outlets, you may bring additional adapters or extensions.

Can we sell there?

No,  the Vancouver Mega Job Fair is strictly a hiring fair.

What do we need to bring to the event?

Any additional materials you wish to display in your booth to advertise your services outside of the given materials. This may include: display materials, pamphlets, brochures, projection screen, laptops, etc.

Will there be parking available?

Yes, there is plenty of paid street and pay parking available around the buliding.

What kinds of food and beverages can we expect to see?

Complimentary food and beverages will be provided for all exhibitors by the sponsors of the event.

What’s the cancelling policy?

All sales for booths are final and we do not provide refunds. It is up to the exhibitor to make it to the event on time and be prepared and oblige by the rules and regulations set forth by PICS Society.

When do we set up? When is take down?

Each exhibitor must stay for the six hour duration from 10 am to 4 pm with no exceptions. One person must be present at the booth for the entire duration of the event. Take down can commence once the event is completed at 4 pm. We ask that you are fully set up and prepared by 9:30 am. The doors will be open for set up at 8:00 am at the earliest.

Will Wi-Fi be provided for the event?

Yes, free Wi-Fi will be provided for the entire duration of the event.