It is essential to be adaptable and resourceful in the workplace to ensure success. There are many situations where this could be applicable, such as new tasks that have not been done before, a new office culture, or the company going through a merger. These are just some of the examples where being adaptable to a new environment and being resourceful are necessary features to move forward.

A Typical Workday:

For a typical workday, there’s not much to worry about. It will usually be the same tasks with slight variances. However, there will be times where you will be put in a situation requiring you to complete a task that you have no experience in. So how does one go about completing this task? Well, the simplest answer is to ask questions! If you’re unsure on how to approach something you haven’t done before, there’s a good chance that your co-workers have been in the same situation before. If that doesn’t work, be resourceful and research: Google, books, previous records, whatever is applicable, use these resources!

New Office Culture:

New job? Perhaps new management? Either way, you’re looking at adapting to a new office culture. Play it safe and feel it out, observe what others are doing and adjust accordingly. If it’s a new job, make some friends and they’ll help you out. New management? Then you’re all in this together. Support each other along with the new ideals and policies that the company has laid out for everyone.

A Company Merger:

So, your company’s going through a merger? Good luck. Things are going to be a bit chaotic for a while. As the two companies come together, you’ll have the mixing of two different office cultures. There will be new and old management styles mixed together, as well as new employees. The groups within the two companies will stay away from each other for a few months until they warm up to each other. Eventually, the companies will be unified under new and old ideals and culture, and the employees will mingle together fine. So just wait it out and work hard. When merging the companies, management will look at who is no longer essential, so prove your worth.

That concludes this week’s blog, best of luck to everyone looking for work. We hope to see everyone at the Job Fair!


By Ryan Saunderson