Adaptability & Resourcefulness in the Workplace

It is essential to be adaptable and resourceful in the workplace to ensure success. There are many situations where this could be applicable, such as new tasks that have not been done before, a new office culture, or the company going through a merger. These are just...

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10 Tips On How To Excel In The Workforce

The Lower Mainland’s biggest job fair,  the PICS 10th Annual Mega Job Fair and Business Expo, is just around the corner and with 1000 jobs to fill, you just might find your dream job while getting a head start on your career.  But simply securing a job isn’t enough;...

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Creating A Professional Resume

A resume is essentially a self-advertisement and a marketing document that outlines your best skills while convincing employers to hire you.  A good resume showcases your skills, experiences, and achievements, perfectly matching the requirements of the job you are...

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How to Ace Your Next Job Interview

When you want your dream job, it’s not all about having the perfect resume or work experience. It’s also about how well you perform in an interview. Interviews can be stressful, especially since you have no idea what might be asked. Rather than being blindsided by...

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Dress to Success For Networking Events

Now that you’ve learned how to network like a pro, it’s time to learn how to dress your way to success at networking events. But first, you should understand the difference between various dress codes. Do you know the difference between business formal and business...

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Tips N’ Tricks to Network for Students

As a student or a professional, you may hear everyone talk about how important networking is. You may have attended networking events and found them to be a total bore and waste of time. Professional people bragging about their success, others asking questions and...

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