For anyone who has done job hunting before, we all know how stressful it can be. Searching through job postings for hours, printing stacks of résumés, and venturing around like a door-to-door salesman trying to win the hearts of potential employers is certainly not an exciting activity to pursue. Regardless of the candidate’s qualifications, successfully acquiring a job is a considerable feat. If you are still searching and haven’t landed that dream job, here are the top 3 reasons to check out PICS’ Mega Job Fair and Business Expo.

1. Diversity.

One of the biggest dilemmas in job hunting is deciding, “what is the best job for me?” While you cannot always find the perfect position, location or employer, finding the right fit is still an important factor to consider. At the MJF&BE, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with a diverse selection of exhibitors from various career sectors, enabling you to better seek out job opportunities that best fit your area of interest and expertise. Some of our exhibitors include finance and accounting firms, trades services, construction services, consulting services, security services, educational institutions, and many more.

2. Efficiency.

If you have job hunted extensively, you will be familiar with the arduous procedure of in-store visits and résumé distribution. While this process may be necessary, it more often than not yields no results, simply because during regular store hours the managers usually don’t have time to speak to you personally. These circumstances hinder the optimal opportunities for you to promote yourself. At the MJF&BE, the time and energy will be reduced dramatically as all the exhibitors will be gathered under one roof, enabling efficient access to a multitude of prospective employers allowing for valuable interaction to occur, including on-site interviews.

3. Opportunity.

The MJF&BE seeks to unite employers and employees, enabling valuable interaction and creating career and enterprise opportunities. Whether you gain knowledge on various businesses and organizations, schedule an interview, or even acquire a job on the spot, every moment at the MJF&BE will translate to opportunity. You will also have the ability to network with a multitude of businesses and companies and learn about their services, broadening your professional experience and insight. The exposure, knowledge and interaction that you will gain from this experience will not only benefit your current job-searching needs, but also prepare you for future career opportunities.

Admission to the event is free. Whether you are coming to find a job or wanting to learn more about different businesses and services, there is a place for everyone at PICS’ 9th Annual Mega Job Fair and Business Expo. Brush up your résumé, draft your cover letter and come join us on August 4th at the North Surrey Recreation Centre!

More information on the Mega Job Fair and Business Expo can be found at megajobfair.pics.bc.ca, including a complete list of exhibitors. All enquiries may be made to Katarina.Low@pics.bc.ca.