Learning to Listen (2017)

July 27, 2017

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About Learning To Listen

Learning to Listen is a service business using a proprietary method of sound stimulation called Bérard Auditory Integration Training (AIT). The basic premise of the technique is that it re-trains and effectively tunes the ear to hear and correctly interpret the information that it receives, and this is why it could be very helpful in accelerating the process of learning a new language.

The program is suitable for, and will benefit anyone who speaks a foreign language as their mother tongue and would like to learn to speak English fluently and without an accent. Ideally the AIT program should be pursued prior to starting to learn English because it will make it easier to recognize and interpret accurately the sounds of the English language from the beginning of the learning process. However, there is benefit to be gained at any stage in the learning process, as Bérard AIT can increase your comfort level in both speaking & understanding.

The program uses music as the medium to “tune” the ears. The music used is enjoyable, high energy, mostly English genre with a strong beat. It is varied & each half hour session contains a different mix – jazz, reggae, rock, R&B, contemporary, mail voices, female voices, and some jazzed up classics. The music is modulated via an electronic device known as an ‘Earducator’ in a way that causes “triggering” of selected frequencies –adding to the fascination of the music & forces a focus of concentration, at the same time giving an extremely effective aerobic workout to the ears.

To complete the program requires 10 days, with two 30-minute listening sessions each day.

Altogether this is a unique method of assisting foreign-speaking immigrants to settle in to their new environment in terms of communication and everyday transactions in the English language.

We are the program in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, however, because of the portable nature of the equipment, it can be arranged to travel to other areas.