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July 12, 2016

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About English Pronunciation For Success


Catherine helps immigrants to North America be easily understood in English through pronunciation coaching and step by step accent reduction programs.

English Pronunciation For Success clients become experts at matching their speaking style to the needs of their listeners.

As a pronunciation coach Catherine Steele helps clients in business, banking, accounting, engineering, real estate, financial services, politics, public service, and many other areas reach a much larger audience, build deeper relationships with their clients and business partners, save time, and make more money. Catherine uses her skills as language educator with over 25 years of experience to work on specific areas of difficulty for each of her clients. As a business owner herself, Catherine coaches her clients on aspects of North American language and culture that are not taught in schools.

From your next big client to your next door neighbour conquer the last barrier to success in English so that you can make your Canadian dream a reality … clear pronunciation.

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