English Pronunciation For Success (2018)

May 11, 2018


English Pronunciation For Success is the perfect pronunciation program for you if you are in:

Are you an advanced level English speaker who is looking for coaching in pronunciation skills to help North American English speakers understand you the first time you speak?

Do North American clients, co-workers or friends have trouble understanding you because of how your pronounce your words?

Are you being passed over for promotions and opportunities to represent your company because your accent is difficult for clients to understand?

Do you need to prove your speaking fluency to pass a major exam?

Are you preparing for a professional speaking engagement?

Do you feel lonely because you are left out of conversations?


English Pronunciation For Success may be the right fit for you.

Each course is built around the needs of busy, adult professionals who know that clearconfident North American English pronunciation is the next step in their path toward success in their career, life and relationships.

My pronunciation coaching clients sign up for intensiveaffordablefocused classes that are completed in one month.

You save time and money because the course works on the English you need to know for your specific field.


One on One Sessions:

The majority of my clients find that the one on one courses fit their schedule best.

My courses run at various times of the day and night depending on the availability of my clients.  Please contact me with scheduling requests if the course or time you want isn’t listed.

Small Group Mastermind Sessions:

I occasionally offer group courses.  The group course is offered at a substantial discount.

You will be part of a small group of six.

You benefit from the interaction with other professionals in your field and from the chance to hear an international range of English.  The skills you develop give you the advantage in phone interviews, in multinational conferences and in the North American workplace.

If you would like to propose a group, please contact me with your scheduling request.

Local and International Clients:

I work with each client live over an online platform which gives me the opportunity to focus on your specific pronunciation difficulties.  I can see you and you can see me.  This allows for instant correction and praise which leads to amazing improvement in a short amount of time.

As you have found, English pronunciation is not one that can be “picked up” through listening alone.  The differences in soundsstressintonationemphasis, etc. must be taught, compared to your first language, and then practiced in context.

Once you have these skills, however, the world opens up to you.  The resources available in English have never been as easily accessible.


I believe that English is a world currency, like gold.

At English Pronunciation For Success

I help you put English In Your Pocket™.

To your success!

Catherine Steele