Creating A Professional Resume

A resume is essentially a self-advertisement and a marketing document that outlines your best skills while convincing employers to hire you.  A good resume showcases your skills, experiences, and achievements, perfectly matching the requirements of the job you are seeking. Following our steps, this guide will provide three samples where you can base your resume.[…]

Boosting Your Business with Social Media

When you are looking to improve and expand your business, reviewing your business plan, establishing an agenda, and seeking professional consultants are fantastic ideas. So where does social media come in, you may ask. After all, running and managing a company is serious business (pun intended), and social media seems just the opposite with its casual and carefree characteristics.[…]

Exclusive Insight on the MJF&BE Experience with Satbir Cheema and Ikagarjot Singh

In an exclusive interview, Satbir Cheema, Director of Employment Programs and Planning and Ikagarjot Singh, Human Resources Advisor at PICS share their experience about PICS’ Mega Job Fair and Business Expo 2015. They discuss the immense value PICS’ career fair has for job seekers looking for employment or hoping to forge connections through networking. Which particular moment from last year’s MJF&BE[…]