BC Sheriff Service (2018)

May 8, 2018

Deputy Sheriffs are provincial peace officers who work closely with different partners in the justice system to ensure all levels of courts in the province are operating smoothly and safely. They provide protective services for the judiciary, crown, defense, public, court staff, and all participants in the system.


Responsibilities include:

  • Providing for the safety of the courts and its users
  • Coordinating court appearances, including high-security situations
  • Providing ground and air prisoner escorts
  • Managing courthouse detention cellblocks
  • Jury management, selection and sequestering
  • Intelligence gathering and risk assessment
  • Document and Canada-wide warrant services
  • Assisting the coroner’s court


Defined as a peace officer within the Criminal Code of Canada, you will be required to be physically fit and pass firearms and force options training on a yearly basis.