Automotive Training Centre (2017)

June 8, 2017

Welcome to Automotive Training Centre – Surrey Campus

You will find information on our automotive programs and a personal invitation to visit our campus to learn more. We have four basic program areas: Automotive Technical Trades, Collision Repair Trades, Fixed Operations or Sales and Management. So whether you want to become a mechanic, auto body technician, service advisor, or salesperson, we have a program to get you started in your new career.

Here’s the first thing you should know:

The automotive field is booming. It employs over 500,000 professionals in Canada. And there are many well-paying, great jobs for ‘car lovers’ with the right training. You can be one of them in as little as one week…

So if you are willing to learn, work hard and apply yourself, we can give you the training to be successful in the automotive industry.

Why Automotive Training Centre’s are Different?

Let me tell you a bit about ATC:

First, you won’t spend much time on ‘theory.’ That’s because we believe you learn best by actually doing. So, depending on your program, you’ll be working hands-on learning your trade, the tools, software and systems that you’ll experience in the real world.

Second, you are going to learn by instructors that come from the ‘real world.’ Every instructor we hire comes from a successful career in the field. So you can be sure that what they teach you is what you’ll need to know to be successful.

Employers love our grads because they know our students can contribute from day one.

“Will I get a job when I’m done?”

I can’t promise you a job. And any school that does is lying. But I can tell you this: 92% of our grads are working within weeks of completion. We do help with placement assistance as we take calls everyday from the auto industry looking for people to hire. I can guarantee you potential job opportunities from employers that are actually looking for our successful graduates.

“Is it hard to get in?”

No it isn’t because you are coming here to get a trade skill and the best way to learn is with practice and guidance, that’s what we do best.

If you have Grade 12 or higher education (even if its from another country) you can qualify for admission.

If you don’t have Grade 12 and are over 19, you can qualify for admission by completing simple assessment, to ensure you can read and write,

We only admit students who have a passion for the automotive industry and have the willingness and attitude to succeed. 

 How do I take the next step?

 You need to have your specific questions answered and we need to know more about you. So the next step is to schedule an appointment to discuss which program you are interested in.

To schedule an appointment, call 604-635-2240. I will gladly answer your questions and give you the information you need to make your decision.

Thank you for your interest in Automotive Training Centre’s. I hope we can help you get the career of your dreams!